From - Richard Marsh
International Wholesaler and Broker
of On-Demand Niche Products

The Cash Business

Pile of Cash

Here’s the result of what one guy banked recently

In December he made 809 sales and banked £47,872.29 Profit
In January he made 805 sales and banked £41,813.86 Profit
In February remade 620 sales and banked £34,536.08 Profit
In March he made 552 sales and banked £30,261.26 Profit

In just 4 months he banked


How would YOU like to make that kind of money? In my day to day business, I supply the types of products the big players use to routinely make multi-million-pound fortunes from with nothing more than a simple one-page website. However, an opportunity has arisen for me to give a limited amount of home-based entrepreneurs access to some hot off the press never released before ready-made products and websites


In a moment, I am going to tell you exactly how easily you can make significant money, and I am talking about £20,000 - £30,000 A MONTH, just by copying a simple secret the major players are using to make themselves MILLIONS OF POUNDS EVERY YEAR

How do I know this? Because I am part of the SECRET I will make you aware of soon. I know you will not be aware of this as this has NEVER BEEN TOLD BEFORE.

These major players require a constant source of NICHE PRODUCTS which when they release them make them hundreds of thousands of pounds ON DEMAND.

Pile of Cash

I am one of the suppliers the big players can come to in order to source these products. That's right… me, and I do the leg work researching, developing and packaging them on their behalf.

What will they pay for these products? Over £20,000 a time is normal, often considerably more as these products have a huge value to them.

I am pretty sure you will have never heard of me before, why would you. My name is Richard Marsh. I am one of the very few UK based International Wholesaler and Brokers of these Niche Products. Products, which most of the time are sold via simple websites which sit there making money day in day out for their owners. To scale this for you, it is in the Millions of Pounds EVERY WEEK that is changing hands in this HUGE BUSINESS.

I am sure you are aware of these types of products I am talking about. Information products and in my case mainly DVD's although others do very well with CD's and Manuals.

We are in the Information Revolution. We have a huge craving for more information every day, we are constantly on phones and tablets and PC's, and what are we doing when on these things? Searching for information, how to do this, where can I get that, what's happening over there. Information, information, information. We crave it.

The big players are well aware of this and it is me who they turn to when they want top quality NICHE PRODUCT DVD's. These people are making huge fortunes doing this and I am pretty sure you know who a few of them are. Millions of Pounds Profit year after year after year.


  • They DON'T have to stock anything
  • They DON'T have to deal with any customers face to face
  • They DON'T have to do any selling to anybody
  • They can get websites that are built for them and run automatically
  • They DON'T even touch the product they sell, they get someone else to do it for them


You may know about fulfilment houses and copywriters and list companies. They will have told you about all those guys and girls. But they have never told you about brokers, no matter what £4,000+ seminar you have been on or any of their £997 courses or even in their monthly home study courses. None of them has ever made public where they get their products from.

However, I am going to do something today I have never done before. I am going to let a few people, home based specialists shall we say, direct access to my ready-made, on demand Niche Product cash machines. To do that I obviously cannot charge the £20,000+ which the big players are happy to pay, as that is restrictive for most people. I am going to hand them over to a limited number of home-based specialists and not release these products to the big players at all.

How I can do this and more importantly why I would do this… and even supply you with the step-by-step method of how to make at least £20,000-£30,000 a month from them - COMPLETELY FREE I will come to, but before I do I would like you to do something.

Take a look at the cheque below.

Cheque for Over £7000

Now imagine opening an envelope and seeing your name on that cheque.

Looks good doesn't it.

Now step back and think about that for a few moments.
Picture that in your mind.
Over £7,000...... sat in your own personal account

Now imagine receiving over £7,000 every week!

This is important as this is what this business is all about.
We are talking about...

Receiving over £7,000 every week.

Week after week after week.

Even better than this is that this can be achieved in just a few hours of admin work each week while keeping your eye on a specific simple website.

Opening your laptop to see over £7,000 sat there in your bank is a very pleasant start to your day I am sure you would agree. Then how about over £8,000 the next day and over £9,000 the day after that?

I have asked you to imagine this for a reason. This really is what it is like in this industry when you have the right products. This is exactly what it is like for the big players. They tell you this in their seminars and courses; they are not lying, it really is. The issue for you has been getting products that allow you to have a piece of the action too.


Well over £1 Million pounds a year is easy for them to achieve and they do it selling information DVD's in niche markets to people who are hungry for them.

Just the other day I was talking to a very well-known player in this field. I'm sure you would know his name. He was telling me how the last product he offered made him £254,654, and what's more, he did it from his laptop while travelling. He said it only took him a few hours to set up.

It really is as easy as these guys tell you to make money in this business. You just have to get started.

When you stand back and think about it, it is very simple.

What you need to be successful are the right products that people want and a nice simple website to go with them.

That is what the big players like about me as that is exactly what I can do for them. You already know they are making fortunes, that is why you are interested too.

Many of them make a damn site more than they tell you too.

I guess you already know this so you may be asking why am I telling you again


Man looking at files

Imagine what it would be like for you if you could make a small slice of what they do. You know you can't start from nothing and make the same kind of money the big boys do, of course not they have grown their businesses year on year

But what difference would it make to you if say you could make £20,000 - £30,000 every month?

Would that change your life? And how about if you were making that kind of money just by looking after a simple website and then some simple paperwork all done at home and didn't even have to change what you are currently doing to get started?

It really is a fantastic feeling when you turn on your laptop and see a 5-figure amount of money has landed in your account.

What would you do with that kind of money?


I think most people would soon give up working a 9-5, those days would be over for sure. No more dragging through the daily rush hour commute, no more working long hard hours for someone else to make the big bucks.

Who would like to go into their place of work, be it an office or a factory or shop or whatever and say to their boss, thanks for the opportunity but I'm out of here then strut out the door without all that pressure on your shoulders EVER AGAIN.

How about a 5-star holiday?

What floats your boat? A cruise? How about a 5-Star all-inclusive around the world cruise then? The Southampton to Sydney trip is fantastic. 48 days of all-out pampered luxury taking in Florida and the Caribbean sun, through the Panama Canal, up to Acapulco and on to Los Angeles before you head off west and then down to New Zealand and on to Sydney.


Not for you? Got kids?

How about the Atlantis water park in Dubai?
A firm family favourite for the well healed. My kids adore it, guaranteed sun and a water park which the kids won't want to come out of all week as there is so much for them to see and do. All while mum and dad relax and take in some rays and read a book. Then, there are over 15 fantastic restaurants all on site for you to choose from each night.

When in Dubai you have to take a trip into one of the famous Dubai Malls, they really are a site for sore eyes as you can buy pretty much any luxury items you can think of. Clothes, handbags, shoes, watches, jewellery, cars, gold bars – out vending machines! All at tax-free prices. Fill your boots before you go home.

On that point, let's not forget with that kind of money coming in each month you don't sit at the back of the plane anymore either. No more cramped seats for you. You will have your own armchair that drops down into a bed if you fancy a nap on the way back. Or you can take in a film or have a few drinks if you like, I do, they are complementary and its fine as a driver picks you up and takes you home in a nice black Mercedes.

Cruise Ship
Palm Islands, Dubai


Or maybe if a holiday is not your thing, you could actually move to a warmer climate and buy a fantastic villa in the sun, with a pool and a wonderful view of your choice.

With this industry, you are not fixed to the UK. It does not matter one jot where you are based as long as you have an internet connection. As I mentioned, the last product a big player launched he did most of the set up in an airport First Class Lounge while waiting for a flight.

House with Swimming Pool
My House
Country House


Or how about an upgrade to your house?

That's what I did first when I started making some big bucks. With a nice amount of land. 1-2 acres is manageable I find although it's the gardener's problem now not mine! Personalising your new, larger house is a wonderful experience. New furniture to match the new décor, exactly as you want it. Then it is time to bring the tech in! Large Flat screen, TV, of course, surround sound, Blue Ray DVD System. The latest music system all linked to speakers all around (and outside) your house. New kitchen with a huge island in the middle work for you? Huge bath in your en-suite marble bathroom?

A new house is a fantastic purchase as you get to enjoy it every day. The new space you are now in makes you feel so good. Proud, confident, relaxed... successful. These feelings are very important and once you have them guess what?..... you become more successful as you too are now a player.

Once the house is sorted, you are probably going to entertain a new car. What would you go for? A fast supercar or a luxury 4x4? A huge cruiser like a Bentley or a convertible and get the roof down?


I am a car guy, a petrol head as they say and I remember the day I bought my first Italian supercar. I felt on top of the world; I felt I had done it. I had pictures of them on my wall as a kid and dreamed of having one when I was older.

To achieve that dream is a fantastic feeling it really is. It is hard to describe, but the sense of personal satisfaction is overwhelming. The other thing I like about my cars is every time I get in one it reminds me that actually, I know what I am doing. I am good at this and this is the reward I have chosen for being good.

I cannot emphasise enough that you too can do this I am not one of the biggest players in this industry and I have all these things. It doesn't take long. The big players we all know of all started from very little. They actually had a lot harder path to tread than what is needed to be successful nowadays. They were the early pioneers. Nowadays you can follow their proven path and make fantastic amounts of life-changing money much easier than they did. It is all laid out for you; you just have to make the decision yourself to do it.


I am pretty sure most of you will have read about, met or previously bought things from the people I am talking about. Basically, you are well aware that there are people out there making the kind of money I am talking about selling On-Demand Niche Products in the form of DVD's, CD and manuals.

You know they are out there, you have seen them making huge money, it is a business you are interested in. However, you have one huge problem a gigantic BUT!

The problem you have, which is stopping you joining them is the one thing they have yet to let you have access to. It is not that you cannot afford to buy the licences for these on-demand niche products and websites, even though we know the big players are often paying north of £25,000 for.

No, that's not what has stopped you so far, as you have never actually managed to get that far.

The real problem is that the average person on the street just does not have access to the suppliers of these products and fully automated websites.... people like me.

And the reason for this is that probably you were not even aware that we existed or if you were you were unable to find a way to get into the top table industry meetings where you could meet us. The types of meetings where the big deals were struck between brokers like me and the big players you have heard of and probably met.

This is a huge obstacle for most people, and let's be honest the big players don't want you to have access to their product suppliers, why would they?

They will more than happily tell you how to develop your own products as that is what a lot of them did themselves when they first started. Many are keen for you to do the hard yards they did and make you earn your right to be on the top table. Why should they let others just waltz in and make huge money as easily as it can be made nowadays? They will also tell you how to market other people’s products. They will tell you everything they can, but THEY WON'T TELL YOU WHERE THEY GET THEIR BRAND NEW TO MARKET, NEVER RELEASED PRODUCTS FROM. Products they are making their fortunes from.

It is very much like the magic circle, if you are in then you know how it all works but if you are not then those that are in are not allowed to tell you.

These guys never pass on their supplier details. You all know they are making millions of pounds a year; you know they are doing it selling niche market products, via simple websites. You know all this but you can't get in the circle, in the gang as its pretty much members only and you have to be invited in.

Every year they have a Members Lunch, it was in June this year at a swanky members-only club in London. I know this as I was invited too. You see I am sat on the right side of the fence, I go to those lunches, I frequently talk to these players to understand what they are looking for and I spend a lot of time sourcing those products for them.

I know the scale of business these people are doing each year. It is huge, its global. These products and licences are sourced far and wide, with the obvious starting point being the west coast of America and now ever increasing in the east in Singapore and more recently Hong Kong but also many other hotspot areas depending on the product and the depth of knowledge in that region.

I can see hundreds if not thousands of products in a year. Some in their infancy and a seed of an idea people are putting out there right through to fully finished products and websites that are proven to be a huge success in the region they came from and the owner is looking for a broker to distribute them to a global marketplace.

My job is to know who the players are developing these products and who the players are who want to buy these products and I am good at it.

As I said before, I am one of a very small group of product wholesalers who the big players you have heard of come to in order to get new fresh proven products.


As you probably know, shops get their clothes and products from a wholesaler, but you very rarely see a wholesaler open their doors and start-up shops. Why would they as they would then be competing against their customers? It is pretty much the same for me.


I will release some of these Niche Products away from the usual Big Player Members Only Club if you can do a favour for me in return.

  • Each month for a year I am prepared to give you access to these £20,000+ on demand niche products
  • I will also provide you with fantastic professional automated websites, fully populated with the products I give you access to and ready to go.
  • I promise not to release them to any of the big players in this industry. I have told some of them this already and they understand why I am doing it.
  • I will also give you a package that I have put together that gives you simple guidance on how to make £20,000+ each month using the websites and products I supply you with. Basically, follow what the information in the package says and the website will take care of the rest.

In summary, I will give you SECRET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS ONLY CLUB you have never been able to get into in the past.


The answer to this is very simple, and as I said I have already run it past the major players I am closest to so they are aware of what I am doing and comfortable I am not treading on any of their toes.

So, firstly I am actually asking you to help me, do me a favour so to speak.

Once you have pulled in £20,000+ a month for a few months using the products and websites I supply you with then it would really help me if you could write me a testimonial. A short paragraph or two saying yep I made this much money from these websites and products. That will have a huge value to me for my next project. My next project which incidentally is a big one and hence why I am prepared to let out these niche products outside the usual circles as for me this next project is the one. My big cash-in project. The one I have been waiting for, for ages.

This project is huge and still needs work, so it won't be until late 2018 before I release it, but I already know that one thing I will need for it to be the success I expect will be some testimonials from people who are making £20,000+ a month, ideally £250,000+ a year income from the websites and never before released DVD products I have sourced for you.

Those testimonials will be worth their weight in gold for me, so I am prepared to break the rules a little and supply outside the normal circles to get them.

The second reason is kind of linked to the first. The product I will be selling is a high value one. I'm currently thinking around £4,997, but it may be more. Hence you see why I need the testimonials as nobody knows who I am so buying a £4,997 product from a stranger like me takes some doing.

But there is another reason; once you are making over £20,000+ a month, I think it is pretty safe to say you will have a good list of customers who I know will be interested in my offering.

I would like to have access to this list of your customers when my project is ready, and I would like to be able to offer them my £4,997 product.

I realise that is quite a large ask so I am not making it obligatory that you have to do it as it is hard to get a loyal customer so you should protect that list of course.

I understand that, however, I have come up with a reason why you may consider offering my product to your list.


That's right, half the money or in this case £2,498.50 for every sale we make.

50:50 straight down the middle. I bring the product and you bring the customer. I will do everything else, cover all the other costs, everything, and send you a cheque for £2,498.50 for every sale you make.

All you need to do is offer it to your list of customers. I WILL DO ALL THE WORK

Large Cheque

Let's take a look at what that might look like so you can see why I am as excited as I am about this project and therefore why am prepared to offer them out of the normal circles access to get there.

How about you offered my new large project to your list of customers and let's say 50 of your customers snapped my hand off and bought one.

That's 50 sales at £4,997 each of which you get £2,948.50 for each one. All sounds very nice, doesn't it?

Now let me show you why I am so excited, those 50 sales will generate us both £124,925.00 EACH.

For doing what? Offering something to customers you already have!

This is the true beauty of this industry. If you have something people want, they will snap your hand off to get it.

The trick is what I have told you about already, having the products they want.

You now have exactly that.

So, let's summarise where we are...

If you are happy to consider doing me the two small favours I have asked, then I will give you access to the inside information most people on the street cannot get access to. These are fully researched and developed ready-made businesses which I will keep away from the big players.

Each month I will send you.

Monthly Business
Package No.1

A yet to be released, ready to go, Niche Product DVD Set....
And I will do this every month!

Golf DVDs

I will do this every month for a full 12 months. By the end of the year, you will have 12 Niche Market Offerings of several DVD products per market. These products could be making you money every hour of the day for the rest of your life.

All automated, and all focused on completely different niches which the industry knows are in red-hot demand.

For the record, I would also like to let you know that it really doesn't matter if you know nothing about these niche markets or the subject matter on the DVD's. It makes no difference at all. It also does not matter if you have no interest in them. None of this matters whatsoever.

Do you think the big multi-millionaire players know everything about all the products they supply? Of course not, they have no need, and neither do you. What they do know is that if you take a hot product in a niche market and make it available to people who are looking to buy that type of product then very quickly the cash can start rolling in.

They let the simple automated websites do the selling for them.

All the products in these Niche markets have been put together by specialists in those topics and areas. These products are REAL QUALITY and have taken a long time and a lot of money to assemble.

I keep mentioning Niche Products and I would like to expand on why that is so important. The big players focus on niche markets and products for one simple reason. It is much easier to find and target customers in these areas than it is to sell something general where everyone may be interested.

Niche market customers hang out in common places. If you are interested in Pilates for instance then a few searches on your computer in Google or Facebook and you will very quickly find where a lot of people interested in Pilates hang out to talk all things Pilates.

Let me give you another example of a market that is always super-hot. One of the monthly business packages I have brokered a worldwide distribution deal for has a set of 4 Golf DVD's. It is actually one of the smaller sets of the 12 Niche Markets. However, that does not matter one bit and let me show you why.

As I mentioned earlier, what the big players are looking for is niche products which are in huge demand right now. Red hot so to speak. These are the ones that get them excited as they know they are going to cash in.

So let us take a look at Golf and demand for our 4 golf DVD Set.

I recently looked up how many internet searches there were with terms using the word GOLF. I already knew the number would be high but even I was shocked. The number of searches containing the world GOLF was 652,456. Pretty sizable number don't you think? Now how about if I told you that that number is not per month, or even per week. That is 652,456 SEARCHES PER DAY!

Or over 4 ½ MILLION SEARCHES A WEEK or if you like your numbers monthly it is a huge 18 MILLION SEARCHES EVERY MONTH.


I am sure you are aware already that the profits on these type are products are huge, enormous in fact. That is why the big players make so much money in this industry. For example, typically a set of niche product DVD's will sell for £67-£147 each. Some sets can be much more by the way.

However, to supply these products can cost less than £1 FOR EACH for a DVD to be copied AND put in a case. Now, of course, the product has to be posted to the customer so needs postage and packaging cost adding but as an example a 3-disc package can be delivered to people who order to you online for somewhere around £5 per set.


If you didn't already know, you do not have to copy the DVD's yourself, nor package them, nor ship them. Those days are over, the big players shift so many they can no longer do it themselves, nor would they want to anymore. Nowadays they use fulfilment houses to do EVERYTHING FOR THEM. I will, of course, include full details of these, plus one I have set up everything with so they are already completely aware of what you will need and will happily do everything for you.

You now can see the sort of profits that are available, so let's look at some figures. I will be very conservative again so we don't get carried away. As an example, let's say your automated GOLF website sells just 3 DVD sets a week with a profit of say £75 per set. That doesn't sound too many when we already know 18 million searches for Golf are happening every month.

So, we will go with 3 sets a week to start off with. Using 3 as an example that would mean that just this one little standalone website, which remember you have almost nothing to do - with products you do not have to touch... and with customers you never have to see or even talk to... would be returning you around £11,700 a year in PROFIT.

But with 18 million searches a month taking place it shouldn't take too long to get up to one DVD set per day. If not many more as a website never shuts! And with 1 DVD set per day you will be raking in a cool £27,375 PROFIT EVERY YEAR

However, I want to make this clear that I believe those numbers to be very conservative indeed. One a day is a very small amount of sales compared to what the bigger players are doing. It is completely normal for those guys to sell thousands of DVD sets a year. One told me about one of his first ever goes at this he sold nearly 3,000 sets of a product that went out at £147 a set and he did that in just a few weeks. Or to put that in money, he had over £400,000 coming in.

As you know, as someone new to the industry it is not so easy to replicate the types of sales figures the bigger players are achieving so 3,000 sets a year may be a tad ambitious. Don't get me wrong, they do it every year and are still doing it so with some commitment and focus it certainly can be achieved but for now, let's be cautious and say your first niche product website is making you and extra £20,000 PROFIT A YEAR!. I am sure you will agree that is a nice income, especially considering you do not have to go out to work every day to achieve it. In fact you have to do very little indeed.

However, wouldn't it be much better if you had more than one of these little cash generating niche product websites? In fact, how about if you had several of them? Not only that, how about if each one of them was focused on a completely different Niche Market which had products that buyers were searching for every day?

How about if EACH MONTH you had one brand new Niche Product DVD website selling in demand Niche Product DVD sets?


For example we have the Meditation range...

Meditation DVDs

The first baby boomers are starting to retire. They will have time on their hands and money in their pockets and these Meditation DVD sets could be right up their street as they seek to get back to their Woodstock spiritual ways.

and we have the Pilates range...

Learn Pilates DVDs

Pilates take up is growing at a huge rate and these DVD's cater for all ages and capabilities. Search Pilates Forums and you will soon find out where these folks hang out on the web so you can easily make them aware of your site and let the quality of the product do the rest for you.

and the Self Defence range...

Self Defence DVDs

Its a changing world out there and many are looking at how to protect themselves and their families. Gyms and martial art dojo's can be an intimidating place for a newbie so many are looking to learn these skills at home

These are just a few examples of the high quality niche market products I have lined up for you

Just imagine having £20,000 PROFIT A YEAR being generated by 12 different websites. Each website working away, day in day out, 24/7, all year every year!

With 12 websites working for you, what could have been a £20,000 a year nice little spare cash part-time income now becomes £4,615 PER WEEK!... Every week, 52 weeks of the year!

I think you will agree that this sort of money that can change someone's life, and remember, you do not have to buy a load of stock to store and handle, you do not have to ship any of your products and you do not have to talk to your customers or try to sell them something. It is all done for you.

Also, why can't you sell over 1,000 sets of the products every year? To help you do that I will send you something which will show you how to find those customers and turn your business into one making an income of up to £1,000,000 a year just like the big players do. Remember all of them started from nothing. In fact, they had a much harder start than now. It is much easier now to copy what they have done and make the huge incomes they are now doing.

I'll come back to that in a minute, but I'll try and keep on track with what I was saying.

How about if I not only supplied you with the super-hot niche product but I also included the fully automated website, fully stocked with pictures and descriptions of all the niche products for that market?

Would that help you?

It certainly would have helped me in the past, so that is exactly what I am going to do. Along with each set of Brand New Niche Product DVD's I will supply you with a second Monthly Business Package.

Monthly Business
Package No.2



Or as I like to describe them, One new Niche Product Cash Machine every month for a whole year.

All targeted to “hot” niche markets that are yours to fish, not just in the UK but anywhere across the globe to a worldwide market.

Your new Golf Website for instance, which can be up and selling for you the day you receive your first Monthly Business Package.

Now, you may think that you know nothing about setting up websites. You have no need to worry as I have spent a fortune making sure the web developers made the website as simple as possible to set up and use. They recently took me through what you need to do to get one up and running. After about ten minutes I said “yep, that's easy, then what do you have to do?” And they replied “that's it”!

I know I asked them to keep it as simple as possible but I was really shocked how simple they had made it. Not only that, they have written a step by step guide with pictures to walk you through exactly what you need to do. Plus, after you have done it once, it is the same each time for every website. They also mentioned if anyone struggles with that type of thing just give it a teenager, they will have it sorted in ten minutes. They really have done a fantastic job I have to say and I was shocked how easy they had made it.

As I've also mentioned, it does not matter if you do not know anything about what is on the DVD's sets or for that matter, if you have any interest in them at all.

I know that none of the big players who are making millions of pounds each year in this industry know much about the content of the DVD products that they make all that money from.

What they are good at is taking a New Product in a HOT NICHE MARKET and then connecting with people who are looking to buy that type of product.

The Niche Market products can be anything along the lines of a Pilates Based Niche Product Website... a Home Body Transformation Based Niche Product Website... A Lap Dancing Based Niche Product Website... A Meditation Based Niche Product Based Website... A How To Draw Based Niche Product Website... A Self Defence Based Niche Product Website... A Pole Dancing Based Niche Product Website... A Healthy Meals Based Niche Product Website... A Yoga Based Niche Product Website... A Cocktails Based Niche Product Website... An Aromatherapy Based Niche Product Website... or as mentioned the How To Play Better Golf Niche Product Based Website....

The point is that you can have 12 different websites, focusing on 12 different Niche Markets ALL MAKING YOU MONEY 24hrs a day every day of the year.

Websites like these are a wonderful thing, they are permanently open for business, earning you money when you are asleep, or down the gym or at the cinema. Or better still when you are flying high sat in first class enjoying a gin and tonic or sat on a white sandy beach enjoying a cocktail watching the sun go down.

I mentioned that the websites were customisable too. I challenged my website developers to make the websites as easy to set up as possible but also to add the ability for owners to change colours and fonts where they wished. Now, not only can you change the words, pictures and descriptions of each DVD if you so desired (although they do come pre-loaded with all that information on so you do not have to do anything if you don't want to), but you can also alter the background colour of the website and the fonts of the writing, all with a simple click on a box; therefore, making the website completely unique to you.

Of course what is most important is having the best niche products. The ones the big players seek out. The kind of products I can supply them with and the kind of products these guys will happily pay between £10,000 and £25,000 to secure the Worldwide Licences to.

Which moves me on to the next thing. The Third Monthly Business Package I will supply you with each month.

Monthly Business
Package No.3


Worldwide Licence

Not only do you get a brand-new niche product package every month, which remember I have promised never to offer these to the big industry players.

Also, in addition to the monthly Professional Website Package to accompany each of the products I supply you with...

Each month you will also receive a WORLDWIDE LICENCE for EACH product. This licence not only protects you but more importantly, none of the big boys can copy you as they won't have a licence. These Licences give you the authority to sell as many copies of each product as you choose to do so. There are no volume limits on them taking the licence back if you do not sell enough and there are no limits stopping you selling more than a certain amount or in a certain region. You can sell as many of your products covered by each licence as you wish and what's more you can do that throughout your lifetime.

There are no royalties to pay and no commissions either. The Niche Products are yours to do with almost as you please and every penny of profit you make is yours to keep.

Before I move to the next thing I would like to spend a minute on Worldwide Licences as it is really rather important.

And they are VERY VALUABLE

Once the product has been found the first thing the big boys ask about is the licence as to them that is the true value. In actual fact the true value of your business is these licences. These are what give you the right to own what are essentially brand new to market products and offer them almost however you wish.

These are genuine licences for genuine products and are a very valuable item indeed which is why for Worldwide Licences like these the big players are happy to pay between £10,000 and £25,000 for a single licence. It is not the paper licence which is the value but what that licence represents. Similar in concept to a Premium Bond Certificate for £5,000 for instance. The paper is worth very little but what it represents is.

So I recommend you look after these licences as they will not be re-issued if you lose them.

These licences will be solely in your name; they are an extremely valuable document. I keep all mine in a safe and if possible, I recommend you do too.

The same is pretty much true for the Fourth Monthly Business Package I will send you.

Golf DVD Covers

Monthly Business
Package No.4


Keep them in a safe with your Worldwide Licences if possible.

Not only will I provide the Master DVD sets I will also provide you with the Professionally designed artwork for the DVD cover and DVD itself. Basically, I will do the same as I would if I was providing this product to the bigger players who could be paying £10,000+ for these items. They expect this level of service and so should you as it takes a lot of work off the table and makes the product ready to sell on day one.

I have to address every detail to charge the sort of money I can as the big players want products that are ready to go. Not only do the products have to be top quality... and the websites populated with those products and looking extremely professional... Plus of course a Worldwide Licence agreed but I have to sort out every last fine detail; things like sales text on the DVD's matching the websites, The Titles and Covers of the DVD's looking professional and well laid out, the DVD label matching the DVD cover, photographs, product codes – It is actually a huge amount of time and money to pull all this together even when you have the contacts I have.

However I have done it all for you so you do not have to spend extra money or more importantly time pulling all the artwork and descriptions together. I have covered all that cost.

One point I will mention is with the Worldwide Licences I have secured; you do have the rights to change anything you wish on the artwork. You can change the titles of the DVD's, add your website address or your company name or contact details on the cover if you so desire. I will supply you with the artwork and you can do as you wish with that.

As I mentioned earlier you do not have to handle the products yourself. Nor stock anything nor post anything.

I will also supply you with my contacts at fulfilment houses so if you choose they will do all the work for you.

This is one of the great things about this business; you can get other people to do all the work for you. For example, you may choose to do some marketing offline and send out some targeted offers through the mail to bring people to your website.

Fulfilment houses can do all that for you too. They can print your sales letters for each customer, including their name, address and even a personalised message to them. They can then print the envelopes with all the unique addresses on them and frank them and post them. You haven't touched anything and because of their scale and set up; it's cheaper than if you tried to do it yourself!

When the orders start to roll, in they are all registered by your website and the money arrives directly into your account. All that is left to do is email the fulfilment house with what they need to send out to who and they will send out your products to your customers on your behalf and charge you a small fee per product.

It really is as simple as that, you haven't physically touched any product, you have just sent an email and your customers are supplied.

This is why the big players tell you that they can run their businesses from a laptop pretty much anywhere in the world. THEY CAN and THEY DO and what's more SO CAN YOU!

All of the work can be done for you which will be explained in the FREE BONUS PACKAGE I will include with your first Monthly Business Package.


Bonus Offer


As I have mentioned, my web developers have spent a huge amount of time and effort making sure these websites are as easy and simple to set up as possible. To support that they have also created a step by step guide on how to get started. This guide walks you through each step with screen shots of each stage showing you where to click and what to type. It couldn't be much simpler and I was shocked how easy they had made it.

Family in Park

The point being that very quickly you can get your website up and running and ready for sales.

To help you get the sales flowing I have pulled together something which I am sure you are going to find very exciting. Something that helps you quickly find where the hungry masses who are looking for your type of product hang out.

Not only does this package show you how to find these people, it also shows you how to do it for FREE!

Obviously this is not something that the big players want from me as they have their own lists of people who they sell to. However as you do not have that yet I thought it would be really helpful if I put something together that will help you find where hundreds if not thousands of potential customers are sat waiting to be shown what you have for them.

And don't worry, it's very easy to do. Again the package takes you through it step by step on the various ways you can choose to find and target these potential customers.

And remember once set up these websites virtually run themselves and just leave you with some very simple admin to do and honestly not much more.

That is the beauty of this industry, even when you are away from your computer your business is quietly sat there ticking away in the background.

Just think that through for a minute, once you are set up you have a business sat there working for you, that is open all the time regardless of where you are, whilst you sleep, whilst you go for a nice morning walk before a relaxing lunch. All that time your website is sat there doing business for you.

You can of course put a little more effort in and multiply your profits and what's more you can do that whenever takes your fancy or you have a bit of spare time on your hands. A little bit of work adjusting the website and changing a few things on Facebook for instance and you can often double or treble your income from your site.

Exactly how to do this is all explained in the BONUS PACKAGE which remember is completely free!

I will send you all the Bonus Package information in the first month and not dribbled through over the course of the year. It is important that you have it at the start when you have your first website so that is when I will supply it to you.

I call this your RAPID START UP PACKAGE as it helps you get your first Monthly Cash Machine Website up and running very quickly and then shows you how FOR NO COST you can find hungry customers who are looking for products like yours and can start you on your way to making £20,000-£30,000 a month.

And as I have constantly mentioned, there is nothing complicated. You DO NOT have to know anything about websites or all the technical terms that come with them. I am no whizz kid with them myself and I know for sure that most of the Big Players in this industry know next to nothing themselves when it comes to websites. All you need to be able to do is follow the simple guide and click and type where it tells you.

And remember, once you have done it the first time all the other websites are set up the same so it will become very straight forward for you.

Many people in this business are achieving £20,000-£30,000 a month and many are doing a lot lot more as you know.

It's a fantastic business model and with you new found access to me you have removed the final obstacle to you achieving that kind of money yourself.

Let's take a look at what this business is really like so we are crystal clear what we are getting into.

There is no product development.... I have done all that for you, just as I would for a large major client.

  • No products to design and develop
  • No DVD sets to film
  • No Artwork to design
  • No Website to design, build and test


NOTHING, it has all been done for you.

This is me working
Working from Home

For the very first time to my knowledge, you have the rarest of rare opportunities of getting access to ready-made, fully developed, hot off the press products which come complete with a professional website loaded and ready to set up in the website name of your choice.

There is no Selling, neither Face to Face nor on the telephone. Nothing. There is no selling of any kind. Actually, the website takes care of all of that for you. It's all done online and you never have to meet your customers or actually deal with them in fact as the fulfilment house handles all that.

There is no office or shop needed.
This is an online business; you certainly don't have to run up all the costs and overheads required in setting up and staffing a shop even though you do have an online shop that is open 24/7.

You can work from home at your kitchen table or a spare room. I often work from my kitchen table as it is one of my favourite rooms in our house and I have recently had the wifi altered so I can work from the patio outside when the weather is good. The point being all this can be managed from your laptop or a simple notebook computer which are very cheap nowadays. You just need the basic, bottom of the range computer or laptop and you are up and running.

Like I also said and many of the big players do, you can run this from wherever you are in the world. If you like travelling as much as I do you can take your laptop with you to plug in and log on whenever takes your fancy.

Then, when you have seen how much money you have made, then shut it down and relax in the sun while your website keeps on doing its thing.

There is no experience required.
This is a very simple business indeed. You get great products, which you now have access to, and you make them available to people who you know want them. All of which I show you how to do in your RAPID START UP PACKAGE.

All the big players started from nothing and you have a much easier route to follow than they did. This is one offering you really can do.

Relaxing Man

You do not have to work hour after hour after hour.
Everything can be done from your laptop at home or wherever you are. Most people in this industry check their computers in the morning to see what has come in overnight. They deal with those orders and then they log off and are done for the day. Even with your full 12 Monthly Cash Generating Websites, I would only expect this to take you a couple of hours a day maximum. Then the rest of the day is your own as they say. And it is much more fun to have that time when you have some money to spend too.

Whatever suits your particular lifestyle will suit this business. As you are not actually staffing the shop so to speak, you do not need to be there during normal working hours. Normal working hours can be a thing of the past for you if you so desire. That is one of the real beauties of this industry. You are not tied to a desk or a computer at certain times of the day. You can work as little or as much as you like. If you want to put in more hours researching where you can find even more customers then do so, it can significantly increase your profits if you do. But also if you do not have that time currently or even do not wish to do so then that is your decision. No one is telling you when you have to go to work and how long you have to stay there anymore.

Do 4-day weekends sound appealing? You can do that. An hour or two in the evening work for you? No problem you can do that too. You decide when you want to start work and you decide when you want to finish work. The ultimate flexitime!

House at Evening

There is almost no risk involved. As all these websites are online and automated then risks hardly exist. This is not like setting up a shop for instance. There is:-

  • No Deposit of several thousands of pounds
  • No Signage required, again hundreds of pounds
  • No stock you need to buy and store.
  • No Insurances
  • No Rents
  • No heating or lighting has to be paid for

If you do not sell enough, you are bust before you know it. It is very hard to make high street shops work nowadays. Why is that? Because we are all buying our stuff online as it is quicker, easier and much more convenient. Online businesses have none of the risks a shopkeeper has to take. They are quick to set up, easy to run; they don't have to cover massive costs before you make any profit. Every penny of profit you make is yours to keep.

Plus, you can run these websites part time if you wish. You don't have to give up work to start running these businesses. They are so simple and the fulfilment houses take all the work out of it. These businesses can be run by just doing a little in the evenings until your income becomes enough to support you. Start slowly and prove it to yourself. If you follow the instructions I am sure it won't take too long before you have ditched the day job for good.

OK Richard, I get that, it all sounds great, what do I do next?

Well firstly let me put your mind immediately at rest because you're probably worried that this is going to cost you a small fortune. After all I could charge up to £25,000 for just one On-Demand Niche product and website... and you have the opportunity in the next few seconds to have secret access to not one but at least 12 of these on-demand Cash Machines.

And of course I can charge that because each pack is like a ready-made business in itself. The products I sell are as good as it gets. The products have been developed, filmed, recorded and or/ written to the highest standards. The big players like me as I invest thousands in the artwork and graphics to ensure the product looks attractive... master copies are duplicated... The subject matter is fully researched and the websites are at the most professional standard you can have, computer and tablet/phone ready, fully loaded with the products and the sales information so they are ready to start selling the same day, and of course, the most valuable Worldwide Licences are included. Absolutely everything they require I supply to them, ready to go and literally saving them hours and hours of work and tens of thousands of pounds.

However, in this case, it is different. The products are the same high quality but you are a different customer and those kinds of numbers will not work for you. So, put your life savings away because not only will you be covered by my Guarantee, but I'm NOT going to ask for anything like £25,000. Or come to that anything like the thousands of pounds I know for an absolute fact those I supply these kinds of products too would charge you.

You see:-

  • I'm not going to ask you to pay £8,000 for a Workshop
  • I'm not going to ask you to pay £5,000 for a seminar
  • I'm not going to ask you to pay £5,000-£25,000 for a Worldwide Licence
  • I'm not going to ask you to pay £500 an hour for my Personal Mentoring and support
  • I'm not going to ask you to pay royalties and commission for every pound you make... every product you sell
  • I'm not going to ask you to pay £600+ for a DVD course

In fact, there are NO Lengthy Legal Contracts... No huge expenses... No huge Franchise Type Fees to pay either...

Instead, as long as you are happy with the two favours I mentioned earlier, all I'll ask for is a small and reasonable figure that basically covers a small part of my costs, for which, remember, in return.

Complete Package

Each month for a year I'll give you access to these ready-made fully researched and developed £20,000-£30,000 On-Demand Niche Products... products which each would cost you £10,000+ to put together, and a lot of time...

I'll provide you with fantastic PC, Tablet and Phone compatible fully loaded, ready to go professional websites.. these are so good I call them the little cash machines..

I will NOT release them to ANY of the major players. Furthermore, I have a really great way to ensure there is virtually zero competition for any product you decide to use anyway....

I'll supply you with a worldwide licence for EVERY niche product that I send you.... Highly valuable and normally costs others thousands of pounds each...

I'll supply you with the highest quality DVD, CD cover and Artwork & Master Copies of EACH Product Set... design costs and production costs for this has run into the thousands of pounds. These really do stand out.

I'll give you the Free RAPID START BONUS PACKAGE showing you how to find customers who are looking for your products RIGHT NOW and more importantly how to find them at little to no cost. You can even do it while commuting to work or sitting on your sofa watching TV if you like. All you need to do is follow the simple steps and the website will do the rest.

In essense, I'll give you SECRET ACCESS via the back door if you like. The products which those multi-millionaires you have met or know about only usually have access to... Access into a world which is normally a closed shop which the gurus never tell you about.

The final part of the jigsaw that you previously have not been able to gain access to can be yours now....


Bonus Package

For just £197 (+Vat) to get you started in month 1 and £197 (+vat) per month for each ready to go on demand product pack and website after that.

Of course there is no obligation to go past month 1 and you can stop at any time. If you find for example that your Golf DVD website does very well and has really “taken off” you can opt to halt the arrival of the next monthly package until you are ready. Its entirely your call. You can have 1 or 12 months' worth, or anything in between... Simply stop when you wish to. However, saying that once you have 2 or 3 websites open for business, pulling in money, you'll probably want to keep opening new ones – bringing new “cash machines” online month after month.

Guarantee Certificate


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I can genuinely show you a fantastic way to make a living and lead the kind of lifestyle you may have only previously dreamed of. I can show you what has to be the simplest way to make a consistently high income of at least £20,000-£30,000 PROFIT per month with very little effort. I can do it and so do the people I supply these products to... Individuals who are making absolute fortunes in cash from this business.

And I know who these individuals are.. and precisely what they are banking... because I am one of the people who can actually supply them with their products. The one piece of the jigsaw they NEVER tell you about.

This is a unique opportunity for you. The FIRST AND ONLY TIME you'll have ever been offered access into this world which I know for a fact is usually completely closed to outsiders. So before you make that decision, just think what having an extra £20,000-£30,000 PER MONTH CASH could mean to your life.

It's such a great feeling to have envelopes full of cash arriving each day...

Or switching on your computer to see a 5-figure sum has arrived in your bank overnight...

Think about what I said before. And what it could mean to your own life and your families.

You could give up “working” forever! Forget the 9-5 routine for the rest of your life. As I said, once this is up and running, wouldn't you like to go into the shop, office, factory or wherever you work, hand in your notice and walk out without a care in the world.

You could reward yourself with a 5 STAR LUXURY HOLIDAY... in fact, several a year if you wish. Maybe as I described earlier, taking a WORLD CRUISE onboard the Queen Elizabeth Ocean Liner. A cruise which would see you enjoying your voyage in your own lavish state suite with private ocean view balcony.

Maldives Sunset

Or maybe jet off to the Maldives for a couple of weeks staying in your own lagoon water villa complete with your own boat. Imagine just putting your feet up and relaxing in your day bed on the deck.... The sun warming your body... the clear sky blue with only the odd whispy cloud passing by overhead... and the sound of the clear turquoise water gently lapping against your villa. Not a care in the world.. no worries.. not an ounce of stress in your body.. no hassle... just absolute bliss.

Or maybe at some point, rather than holidays to exotic destinations, you could use the profits you make to move to warmer climates, with a beautiful home or villa complete with swimming pool and sea view. A place perhaps to give your family a fresh new wonderful start in life.

Or how about buying that nice 6 bedroomed detached house here in the country with a couple of acres of landscaped gardens and even your own home cinema room. That's what I did first and I love every minute of being here. The space and the view and the ability to relax just makes everything so much better. With of course, the kind of luxury car you've always wanted to have parked outside. Maybe a Bentley or a Range Rover or an Aston Martin. Imagine how proud you will feel... and how proud your family would be. Well as I pointed out:-

Home Cinema Room

You can do all of these things...

It really is possible. Indeed, it's the kind of lifestyle the individuals who get their products from brokers like me enjoy. I've been to some of their multi-million pound homes. I've been picked up in their Bentleys and Aston Martins. I've even swum in their pools and sat in their home cinemas.

And they are all making their money from simple On-Demand Niche Products and those little cash machines...

These Automated websites that basically do all of the work.

  • Products they Don't have to stock.
  • Customers they Don't deal face to face with.
  • Websites which are already made for them and run automatically.
  • Products they Don't even duplicate or post themselves to their customers.

I have gone from working in a car factory to having the luxuries in life. I have the 6-bedroom Old Vicarage in the country and have had a Porsche and a Ferrari and several Range Rovers. 5-star holidays are the norm for my family and we have two or three a year.

I have a wonderful life and so can you.

What I really like about these websites is everything is there for you, there is nothing missing. You can do as much or as little as you like. These sites allow you to build confidence, to do a little and see a return, so you do some more and get more. Then you really believe in what you are doing and trust me once you get there you are off and running.

I know you will love this work too. Everyone does. You set up a ready-made website and link it to your bank. Perform some very simple tasks online... then shut your laptop as you are done.. walk away and leave it quietly ticking away.

A few days later you fire up the laptop again and find £5,350.50 has moved into your online account... you smile and maybe do a little more and then log off again. A few days later when you login, you find a further £7,575.56 has been deposited in your account.

In other words, in just a week or so £12,926.06 has been placed in your account by your little automated website and you've done virtually nothing for it.

The business simply ticks quietly away in the background.

And it's doing this while you sleep... while you eat... while you go for a walk with the dog... go off shopping... play a round of golf or even head off for a few weeks in the sun... whatever you do.

It's a great lifestyle... one you CAN enjoy. And it begins by simply securing access to this world now.

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And for just £197 (+vat) to get you started... and with that even being covered by a secure 100% no risk guarantee... you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So make that decision now, to at the very least take a good look at this in the comfort of your own home.

Bonus Offer

Please note, you get the entire pack in your hands to review for a full 30 days in order for you to make the decision.

If you decide it's not for you, all you need to do is return the package to me and cancel your standing order. I'll refund you £197(+vat) in full and you will owe me nothing further. And I'll even let you keep the quick start package with my compliments.

Do it now and I promise to get your entire pack off to you by return so in just a few days you can have your first on-demand niche product and automated website set up and ready to begin making you money.

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Finally, I'd like to just end by sincerely thanking you for taking the time to read my letter. I appreciate that because I know you probably receive lots of different offers through the post... I certainly do.

However, I think you'll find this one is very different from anything you've seen before.

You have my very best wishes.

Richard Marsh - Signature


P.S. Remember you have absolutely nothing to lose by at least taking a look as you are covered by my 100% no risk guarantee

P.P.S In fact, even if you decide it is not for you, I'll let you keep the RAPID START BONUS PACKAGE with my compliments

P.P.P.S Finally remember, I am one of the very few individuals these millionaires you have met or read about can get their on demand products from. The person they NEVER tell you about. Now I'm releasing the information and BRAND NEW READY TO GO ON DEMAND PRODUCTS... products which are not available to the general public.



Golf Collection
Golf Collection

I am so keen for you to see the quality of these products for yourself in your own home I have created an offer which makes this a ZERO RISK purchase decision.

As a one time offer, if you agree today to take a FREE THIRTY DAY TRIAL to take look at the quality of these products IN YOUR OWN HOME then I will INCLUDE TWO COMPLETE SETS OF GOLF DVD’S completely FREE OF CHARGE.

These sets are worth £239.92 if sold individually or £199.98 if sold as a complete set.

  • You don't have to copy any DVD's.
  • You don't have to get any DVD covers printed.
  • You don't have to get any DVD Disc graphics made.

You will have over £200 worth of product in the box and ready to sell.


Bonus Package

Golf Collection
Golf Collection

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And as with my full guarantee... even if you decide not to go ahead with this business after studying your initial package for 30 days. Not only will you receive a FULL REFUND as I stated, but you can also keep the RAPID START BONUS PACKAGE with my compliments as a thank you for at least considering my offer.

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