From - Richard Marsh
International Wholesaler and Broker
of On-Demand Niche Products

The Cash Business


Congratulations, you are now just seconds away from doing something which can finally get you on your journey to where you want to be in life.

Running your own On-Line Business will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Not just financially, but for the freedom such a business 
can give you. You will soon have a business with which you can do as little or as much as you decide. A business that will always be sat there 
in the background open for business.

Each month for a year I will send you :

Golf Cover

Monthly Business Package No.1

A Brand New, fully researched, In Demand, Niche Product Master DVD Set

Mac Book

Monthly Business Package No.2

A Professional Fully Populated, Ready to Go, Multi-Page, Customisable Website.

Golf Cover

Monthly Business Package No.3

Every DVD Product I Supply 
you with will come with its 

Golf Cover

Monthly Business Package No.4

Professionally Designed 
DVD Cover and Disc Artwork

In the first month I will also send you :

Bonus Offer


  • How to make £20,000+ per month from your own automated one-page on-demand websites
  • How to find hungry customers looking to buy now
  • And how to find them for FREE!
Golf DVDs
Golf DVDs


  • Two sets of ready to sell fully package Golf DVD’s
  • No copying, printing or packaging to sort
  • That’s over £200 worth of products in the box ready to sell on day one.

In your first box you will receive all of this!

Over £200 worth of product ready to go

Bonus Package
Golf DVDs
Golf DVDs

For just a fully refundable £197+Vat* per month

(For 12 months or you can opt out any time you wish)

*Remember, this can be put down as a BUSINESS EXPENSE 
and reclaimed from any future profits.

Cancellation and Return Policy

If you decide this product is not for you then post back the the products to the address below to arrive before the 30 days (from when you signed up) has expired and your payment will be returned in full. As a thank you for considering our product you may keep the RAPID START UP BONUS manuals and Facebook Marketing and Mobile Marketing DVDs. All other DVD’s must be returned to receive the refund.

If any time after the 30 days you decide to not continue then if you notify me in writing by email or written letter, to arrive no less than 7 days before your next payment is due, then your next payment will not be taken and you will owe no further money.

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